URGENT VACANCY FOR PGT MATHEMATICS. Interested Candidates apply before 23rd April. 








Note: Limited vacancies for the admission of the wards of Civilians (purely on the basis of merit).


The coronavirus has changed how we work, play and learn: Schools have been closed, sports leagues have been cancelled, and professionals been asked to work from home.

As coronavirus is spreading throughout the country, more and more schools are shutting and shifting them into online learning space. While teachers are now trying to understand the ins-and-outs of distance learning for the first time. What does instruction look like? How do I ensure my students are still receiving high-quality education? Will I be able to track the learning that is taking place?

While the teachers are facing stress about how they can impart their knowledge to students.

Students on other hand are facing issues like their house has become a school and every parent is a teacher. The playtime and me time gets merged with school time and there is no boundary between bed room and class room for most of them. As they are facing this emotional disturbance they should look towards the other side of the coin that is the worst case scenario. Learning will simply stop and already acquired knowledge and abilities will start to fade. A single missing factor like lack of a working computer or internet access or parents tied down with work or caring for other relatives, can mean that the worst-case scenario becomes reality for a given family. So in this case we should be feeling grateful and take maximum advantage from the available resources that we have by taking up some responsibilities and follow certain etiquettes when learning online:

❖ Effective time-management. Skills don't just happen. They have to be learnt and mastered. Once you do, they will benefit you throughout your life. Follow the tips below to develop yourself:
● Review the syllabus for each of your courses. Develop a long-term plan for completing your major assignments.
● Make a daily "To Do" list. Have fun checking things off the list as you complete them.
It takes time to develop good habits, but you'll gain satisfaction from being well-organized and accomplishing your tasks.

❖ At present you are an online learner. You need to have these qualities in you to be successful - independence, internal motivation, responsibility and a certain level of maturity.

So before you think about these qualities start answering these first: Have you given some thought to your own personal reasons for attending school? Are you determined and self-motivated to succeed in school?
There are many worthwhile reasons to work hard in school the same reason you need to have when you are studying online. You might want a greater level of personal satisfaction with your future career. Or perhaps it's personal pride in your accomplishments. Or maybe you are seeking a wider range of opportunities available to you with higher education or a higher income.

❖ Attending the class just the way they would do in schools.
❖ One has to be academically honest.
❖ You should be active participant. When I say active participant it means taking the class seriously and encoding the material that is taught during the session. Because when you are a part of a large group it’s a human tendency to do things that are not acceptable because of identity diffusion. It must be quite tempting to do things to disturb the class online but before you start or think of doing give a thought and reflect on these lines what is it giving me in return? Will there be any gain or loss? May be its fun for me today but tomorrow if my principal or teacher gets to know then what? Will they forgive me for my actions? Am I misusing my facilities? after reflecting on them remind yourself it’s a virtual world and one’s actions can never be taken back. Whatever you do online always leaves a foot print. so be thoughtful and careful about yourself and actions.

Make most of the present time because once its gone you can never get it back. Be thoughtful and be safe.

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